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High speed Australian rail network a boost

A high speed rail network on the east coast of Australia could boost land value and property prices around high-speed stations by up to $140 billion, preliminary research suggests.

The growth in land value could be used to fund the high speed rail projects and support the creation of more liveable cities and regions, a report from the University of NSW has found.

“From our estimates of infrastructure-related value uplift combined with our ‘what if’ scenarios for planning-related value uplift, there could be potential value uplift in the vicinity of $48 billion to $140 billion,” the report concludes.

“Therefore, we put forth there is substantial opportunity to fund high speed rail through value uplift.”

The analysis is based on proposed high speed rail lines running from Melbourne to Sydney (by 2040) and Sydney to Brisbane (by 2058), with spur lines to Canberra and the Gold Coast.

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