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CCAT International Outreach

June 2023

CCAT’s International Outreach will enable senior leaders from Australia and New Zealand to gain an in-depth understanding of the development and deployment of connected and automated technology, legislative processes and how next generation infrastructure will all support the way in which we build tomorrows’ transport future.



Expose an Australasian audience to emerging technology, business models and infrastructure across road and other transport modes.

Understand what direction is being taken by governments and industry leaders

Establish key contacts and linkages for future collaboration.

Bring learnings back to Australia and New Zealand to help us prepare our transport systems.

Who will be attending?

Chief executives of transport agencies, chief engineers from transport agencies and industry, private sector executives from manufacturing, digital and physical infrastructure provision, insurance and logistics.


The CCAT International Outreach is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a cutting-edge innovation and technology driven European study tour, meeting global figures in the transport industry and visiting advanced manufacturing facilities.

Also included in the outreach program will be discussions with elected Members of Parliament about the policy drivers and challenges in a connected and automated transport future. The International Outreach ends with the Power2Drive Exhibition which will connect attendees with the next generation of charging infrastructure and e-mobility providers.

London London
5-7 June
Engage with global consultancies and government officials, and see innovative trials
Stockholm Stockholm
8-9 June
See demonstrations and discuss transport solutions with global vehicle manufacturers
Berlin Berlin
12-14 June
See advanced transport systems across different modes
Munich Munich
15-16 June
Power2Drive Exhibition Learn More

Registration Fee

Approx $25,000 

Overview of what’s included

  • Airfares & taxes, intercity train tickets
  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner (except for during free time)
  • On-ground logistics and coach transport for meetings
  • Power2Drive Exhibition tickets

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