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Transport has changed.
Connected and automated transport has arrived.

From today’s vehicles featuring advanced driver systems such as lane keeping assist, heads-up displays and autonomous emergency braking, to the fully driverless vehicles which will move people, freight and industry – the future of movement is here now, and the possibilities are accelerating daily.

CCAT is the Centre for Connected and Automated Transport. It aims to move Australia and New Zealand safely and successfully into the era of connected and automated transport.

CCAT is a hub through which government, industry, academia and community bodies with a common interest in facilitating Australasia’s transition to connected and automated transport can work together to make this happen.

Getting the transport infrastructure – both physical and digital – right.

Generating solutions for the challenges which will arise with new ways of moving people and freight.

Bringing the community along for the journey.

Making sure all of this is done safely and successfully.

CCAT is a membership organisation, open to all those companies with a stake in Australia and New Zealand’s transport future. Transport agencies within government, innovative local Councils, industry participants big and small, technology and motor manufacturers, mining companies, the agricultural sector, researchers, next-gen technology developers and start-ups are invited to be part of shaping the future – and the ‘now’ – of movement.

CCAT is the home, and a new, united voice, for those interested in discussing, generating and implementing the solutions and policies needed for connected and automated transport in Australia and New Zealand.